9 November 2016

HUB ZERO DUBAI: the real and the virtual world come together


Hub Zero, placed in the Dubai City Walk, is the first indoor entertainment park of the region and it offers 18 exclusive attractions, adventure parks, experiential zones and dining areas spread over 15.000 square meters. This is new generation park develops its main attractions around the gaming world, creating a new dimension of the game in which the real and the virtual dimensions are connected. In order to make the experience even more thrilling, some of the major company specialized in the Videogame development, such as Electronic Arts, Capcom, Konami, Microsoft and Square Enix took part in this ambitious project. 

It becomes clear that in this particular context the light plays an essential role in creating the mood and the atmosphere, which best suit the theme of the attraction and in creating a unique gaming experience. For some of the many halls of this cutting-edge park, Futuro Luce has developed custom LED lighting systems, specifically designed and developed to create a fully sensory experience. Indeed, the aim of this project is to offer an innovative and more engaging gaming dimension, totally embracing new technologies such as 3D effects and the immersive virtual reality. 

A new dimension of game, challenge and entertainment, in which real and virtual come together and give birth to a unique experience.